How to evaluate new solutions. Building the Business Case for change

Are you and your team just starting a business system evaluation to find a new integrated accounting and warehousing solution, a new Customer Service solution or HR solution?

Use Avantiico's cloud solution evaluation tool as a safe step-by-step guide throughout your business solution evaluation. Build, plan and execute your business improvement initiatives using proven evaluation tools from Microsoft. Envision and see detailed solution demos for your business. Get the help your business need to evaluate options and calculate your business case for change.

Ready for improving your business,
but not sure where to start?

If you are just starting to define your business vision or are already at the Request-for-Proposal stage, the Avantiico Business Transformation Framework will ensure your journey has a solid foundation. 

In today’s world of digital transformation across all industries, it’s important to push organization’s to rethink their existing business processes and services in an effort to implement new strategies, stay competitive, and remain relevant. With a diversity of products available for use, companies sometimes have trouble understanding where to begin on their business transformation journey. Avantiico helps businesses pinpoint where to start on their business transformation journey by using a proven approach to innovation- Microsoft Catalyst. Avantiico helps your organization build, plan, and execute business transformation strategies using a number of activities and workshops across four areas and tailored to your organization.

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Build Your Vision

Envisioning and Strategy development- Together, we’ll image and define what the future coud look like for your business.

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Short-List Solutions

The range of choice can be overwhelming. Avantiico works with you to compile a manageable short-list of potential solutions.

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Validate Business Value

Build a compelling case for chase by debriefing the business and technological impact using business value and solution assessments.

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Involve Your Team

Bring your organization’s vision to life through solution demonstrations, and immersive experiences your team can take part in.

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Achieve Your Vision

Avantiico will create an action plan that offers a roadmap for executing the solutions discussed and transforming your organization.

The Avantiico Business Transformation Framework helps answers these questions:

Build a Complete Vision

During the Design phase, we’ll use two important workshops to create a blueprint for specific plans for change: 

The Business Value Assessment (BVA) helps your organization create a solution prioritization analysis, timeline, a budgetary estimate and a projection of the value of implemented scenarios over time. 

The Solution Assessment reviews your current objectives in your business, processes, and existing technology It helps you summarize your plan to achieve a digital transofmration while tackling specific goals, using the tailored roadmap blueprint that Avantiico helps you put together. 

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The Value of Envisioning Workshops

Following the above assessments, you can expect the following outcome:

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Avantiico will help you build, plan, and execute business transformation strategies through the use of complimentary workshops and assessments. By the end of the series, your organization will have better envisioning and planning with actionable steps to incorporate in your business’s digital transformation. 

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