AX Usage Data Issues How to Identify and Fix

Cindy Scott

Cindy Scott

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Occasionally a user begins experiencing issues with a routinely used form, report or posting process that other users with the same permissions are not experiencing. Sometimes the issue is due to the AX “Usage data” stored for the User Id. This article explains how to identify when Usage data may be the cause of the issue and how to resolve.

Example of Issue

User reports that an AX weekly report (or form or posting process) they routinely use is not responding.

The user has tested and confirmed that other users, with different UserId’s, are able to successfully process the report (or form or posting process).

The user, along with IT, have checked several things to troubleshoot. For example, they have:

  • Verified the user’s report selections are valid.
  • Reset the report selection criteria. Do this in the report dialog by clicking on the Select button > Reset button.
  • In the case of issues on a form, they have reset the form personalization. Do this on the form by right clicking > Personalize > Reset button.
  • Confirmed no new modifications were implemented recently that would affect the report (or form or posting process).
  • Confirmed user permissions have not changed that might have an effect.
  • IT has cleared the user’s cache data (.auc file) if necessary.

Troubleshoot by Clearing the User's Usage Data

Since IT and the user have confirmed that other users have been able to run the same report (or form or posting process) without issue and have ruled out other common causes, a likely issue could be the user’s “Usage data”.

What Is "Usage Data"?

AX “Usage data” stores many last values by User Id and by Company. This can include but is not limited to form personalizations, form parameter selections and report selections.

Delete/Reset A User's Usage Data

Note: This author’s recommendation is to try to never delete all of a user’s usage data. This will clear all of the users personalized forms, report selections and last choices. Deleting all of a user’s usage data will result in the user logging in as if they were logged into AX for the first time. Often users have default settings from when they were a new user many months or years prior and may not be aware of all settings they have made that they depend on. It can be initially frustrating for the user if all of their settings are cleared.

To reset a user’s usage data to fix a given report/form/process do the following:

1.) Have the user first take screenshots of any selection criteria, personalization or defaults of the report, form or posting process for the usage data that will be deleted. These user specific personalized selections will be deleted when the usage data is deleted.

2.) Find a user’s usage data:

  • An Administrator can access any user’s usage data through System administration > Common > Users > Users > Options button > Usage data button.
  • A user can access their own usage data by going to File > Tools > Options > Usage data button.
Warehouse Management in Dynamics 365
Figure 1: Usage data form: File > Tools > Options > Usage data button

3.) From the Usage data form, find the element(s) that may be causing the issue and delete.

If it is unknown exactly what is causing the issue, go to the ‘All usage data’ tab, then filter the form by the following:

a. Company. Filter only on the Company where the user is experiencing the issue.

b. Element name. Search for what you know about the form/report/process until you believe you have found the elements.

For example in the below screenshot, if the Vendor aging report is causing the problem for the user, search in the ‘Element name’ for *aging*.

Warehouse Management in Dynamics 365
Figure 2: Usage data form > All usage data tab

4.) Mark the elements you wish to delete and delete by pressing Alt+F9 on your keyboard.

5.) Have the user log back in to try re-running the report (or form or posting process).

Often under the scenario outlined in this blog, the problem is resolved. If not, a broader range of usage data elements that logically might be causing the issue can be deleted.

If the problem persists then you may need to contact your AX administrator.


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