6 Benefits of Microsoft Academy Training with Avantiico

Learn about your opportunity to begin or advance your career in technology consulting with Avantiico’s Microsoft academy program.

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Are you looking to take your career in technology in a different direction but do not know where to start? Are you considering starting a career in consulting? Are you passionate about learning and solving complex problems? If so, now is the time to consider how Avantiico can help you make a career change through the Avantiico Academy.   


Avantiico is a full-service Microsoft Gold Partner with a reputation for providing high quality cross-functional expertise to deliver a wide range of Microsoft solutions and services. Avantiico’s mission is to provide valuable advice, excellent support services, and deliver innovative solutions for brand name clients. We are a company that is committed to on-going training investments and support for clients, partners, and employees alike.  


Consistent demand for our services combined with a fast-growing industry has led our company to expand and grow in parallel. In a limited job market, we are embarking on an exciting and unique program. Consequently, we have established the Avantiico Academy for anyone interested in accelerating or changing direction in their Microsoft consulting career. The Avantiico Academy is a 60–90-day intensive training program designed to cultivate and empower the next wave of Microsoft consulting professionals.    


Want to know more about how Avantiico can help you? Here are six benefits illustrating why the Avantiico Academy is an ideal place to start, develop, or advance your Microsoft consulting career.

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1. Gain foundational knowledge of Microsoft applications and solutions

No matter where you are in your career, Avantiico will give you the foundational training you need to confidently utilize a wide range of Microsoft products to generate business solutions. Gaining a foundational understanding of Microsoft products and applications is important due to the rapidly growing demand for, and creation of, cloud-based solutions relevant in the technology industry today.


Opportunities are available for experienced Microsoft professionals, professionals with non-Microsoft experience, and recent or soon-to-be graduates.


Not only will you be able to meet current industry needs but with this solid foundation, you will also build upon your knowledge base to be better equipped to develop your skills alongside advancements in technology. Part of your foundational training also emphasizes Microsoft product fluency and the ability to be well versed in both technical and non-technical aspects. Training to aid in this includes, but is not limited to, on-the-job training, mentorship programs, and client session sit-ins. Through this training, you will see a variety of perspectives, and interact in many different settings. This Avantiico Academy training on Microsoft applications and solutions will be consistent and well-rounded by considering the numerous ways you can learn about and implement Microsoft solutions successfully.  

2. Receive high quality Microsoft-supported training

Avantiico, with its Gold Partner status, has access to a wealth of Microsoft learning resources and exam certification guides. The Avantiico Academy is designed to leverage both these learning resources and the expertise of existing team members to give you the highest quality training possible.   


Firstly, the Avantiico Academy is an opportunity to learn from the top Microsoft technology experts in the industry. Avantiico has over 500+ years of collective Dynamics AX/365 experience and over 15,000 daily Dynamics end-users worldwide. This means that the Avantiico Academy will give you the opportunity to learn from, and work closely with, Avantiico’s industry leaders. To foster and maintain a close relationship with these industry leaders, we have developed a mentorship program that all academy candidates will have the opportunity to participate in.   


Secondly, the Microsoft training at the Avantiico Academy will incorporate Microsoft learning resources. This means that you will receive the requisite training necessary for a variety of Microsoft certifications, depending on your interests and areas of expertise. Additionally, in utilizing Microsoft supported resources, your training will be up-to-date and industry relevant.   


Thirdly, the Avantiico Academy will provide comprehensive cross-functional knowledge through several training formats to ensure everyone can receive the same quality of education regardless of learning styles or prior experience. Training formats included in the program will be technology-based learning, on-the-job training (OJT), group and individual coaching, mentoring, webinars, group discussions and tutorials. This means you will receive the most relevant, and accurate training, accounting for industry demands, current trends, and Microsoft developments.   

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3. Receive specialized consulting and project delivery training

The Avantiico Academy will bridge your technical and functional expertise in Microsoft applications with a thorough consultant training program. Avantiico, with years of industry experience consulting for a wide range of clients, has extensive knowledge on consulting best practices. We are confident in our ability to train incoming candidates to meet the requirements and perform up to the standards that Avantiico consultants are known for.  


With our track-record for client success we have established a proven method for success with consulting. Included in the consultant training at the Avantiico Academy will be:  

 The goal is to give you holistic training so that you can become a world-class consultant for a Microsoft Gold Partner.

4. Develop your soft skills

The Avantiico Academy will also give you the guidance needed to develop the soft skills necessary for being a consultant. Interpersonal skills are crucial to fostering relationships with clients and colleagues, and include but are not limited to:  

The Avantiico Academy will provide you with the opportunity to practice these skills and develop them further through training material and collaboration with peers and mentors. The goal is to equip you with the necessary soft skills to complement your technical and functional expertise. 

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5. Become part of an environment with a growth mindset

Avantiico is committed to creating an environment with professional and personal growth at the forefront through the Avantiico Academy. You will be a part of a community of like-minded, and driven business professionals who share the desire to learn new skills and technology. You will also be in a structured learning environment designed to generate the motivation and resiliency necessary for a growth mindset. In turn, the Avantiico Academy will enable you to foster stronger working relationships through collaboration. By joining the Avantiico Academy you will also become a part of the Microsoft Partner ecosystem which will allow you to network with Microsoft and other partners. This makes the Avantiico Academy is an excellent opportunity to pursue professional development as you learn at a Microsoft Gold Partner.   

6. Be empowered to advance your career

The time and space that the Avantiico Academy provides will allow you to assess and develop your talents. As discussed above, you will be in an immersive learning environment where you can learn from industry leaders, and ambitious peers. This means that confidence is another outcome of receiving Microsoft training at the Avantiico Academy. It is here that you will be given all the resources, support and expertise needed to empower you to advance your career.   


Experienced professionals and recent graduates alike can make the most of this opportunity to steer your career in the direction you choose.

Closing Notes

Avantiico, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, is uniquely positioned to provide you with the skills and training necessary to expand your career in the Technology industry. The Avantiico Academy is an excellent opportunity to learn technical and functional consulting skills that are specifically designed to develop an expertise in Microsoft technology and give you new opportunities for professional growth.   


See if the Avantiico Academy program is right for you, or if you are interested in starting a career with Avantiico, look at the current open positions. If this has piqued your interest, and you want to see what other exciting developments are occurring at Avantiico, you are invited to explore the Avantiico blog.   

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